Home Phone Lines

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How do I sign up?
It's fast and easy with our Online Sign Up or call to us on 1300 135 235.
I'm in a new house with no previous phone line.
In the case of no previous phone services at an address there will be either 1) an nbnTM new establishment charge of $299 or 2) a New Line Activation charge of between $59 and $299 for copper line services.
Can I use my existing phone?
Yes, depending on the technology of your phone service. You can use a regular phone for nbnTM phone services as long as your router has VoIP adapter features.
What does my plan include?
Your plan includes at a minimum the line rental cost and call costs associated with the plan you sign up for.
What is Voice over IP?
VoIP or Voice over IP is a digital technology that allows voice calls over the internet. VoIP is the new Australian standard for phone services, delivered over the nbnTM.