Data Centre
Internet Access.

Data Centre
Internet Access.

  • Delivering maximum performance, uptime
  • and flexibility for modern business.
  • Delivering maximum performance, uptime
  • and flexibility for modern business.

Make Better Connections

with EscapeNet Enterprise Services.

Leveraging the power of our national footprint, EscapeNet can provide internet access at datacentres across Australia. Enterprise Internet is engineered for distributed multi-site or mission-critical business operations, offering the highest level of performance and uptime of all internet services.

Making the net work
for you.

  • Uncontented Access

    True 1:1 uncontented access available for a maximum performance internet experience.

  • Engineered Performance

    Featuring an advanced features engineered to perform in the most complex networks.

  • Advanced Features

    Including Unlimited Internet, BGP routing, IPWAN, IP subnets.

  • Scalable

    With speeds starting at 10Mbps Enterprise Internet is scalable to almost any speed required.

  • Mission Critical Hosting

    Ensure your servers are highly accessible with the enhanced uptime of DC internet.

  • Expert Support

    Call on the EscapeNet Business team for support 24/7 with specialist consultation available.

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Real World Outcomes

of Australia's first GigCity network.

" a Gigabit a second our large data transfers take minutes rather than days. This delivers a huge time saving, translating to a significant increase in productivity for the team."

- CEO and Managing Director Michelle Fraser RHS

" addition, as we develop our Big Data management strategy we will be able to manage and develop our technologies unrestrained."

- Jason Taylor SAGE Automation