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    What our customers are saying about us
    • Rachael Heaton
      24 Jan 2022

      Smooth to set up, smooth to use. Easy to sign up over the phone. Internet quickly connects to all wireless devices. I very much appreciate the function on the modem which can turn off the Wi-Fi when required (e.g. overnight).

      Good customer service, with a courtesy call from the same representative who signed me up to ensure that all was working correctly once the modem had been delivered.

    • AA
      amy Archibald
      2 reviews
      17 Mar 2022
      Very easy to change over to

      Very easy to change over to, very easy to understand technical support đź‘Ť

    • Camille Szuba
      09 Jun 2022

      Fantastic customer service from the point of registration to installation and post installation care. Can not fault anything so far and would highly recommend them as a service provider.

    • Jo Rees
      09 Mar 2022

      I am very happy with EscapeNet as their customer service team go above and beyond to help with any problem you may have

    • LG
      Louise Gersbach
      1 review
      25 Jun 2022
      Never have no problems,none

      Never have no problems,none. My first provider three years now..


    Wi-Fi 6 AX brings faster speeds, more devices, and better coverage.

    Enjoy smooth 4K streaming and download at super-fast Wi-Fi 6 speeds. You'll be able to connect more devices using OFDMA while simultaneously reducing lag. Eliminate dead spots by adding OneMesh satellites, giving you whole-home coverage with smooth roaming between rooms.

    Our TP-Link vx230v delivers up to 1.8Gbps Wi-Fi bandwidth, with Gigabit lan ports and VDSL support. Order for only $169 configured and delivered.

    Enhanced security to protect your sensitive information.

    We take cyber security seriously; protecting your service, account and personal information, through multi-factor authentication to our MyAccount control panel.

    Your EscapeNet MyAccount portal is your home to manage your internet services, view notifications and pay your accounts. Online, 24 hours a day.
    TP Link vx230v

    Keep your landline number with EscapeNet HomePhone.

    EscapeNet HomePhone keeps your existing fixed line phone number ticking along with three great plans to choose from:

    $0 Casual plan for pay-as-you-go flexibility,
    $10/m Phone Plus with free fixed line local and national calls,
    $20/m Phone Ultimate with free local and national fixed line and calls to mobiles in Aus.

    HomePhone requires an EscapeNet internet connection, a compatible router and telephone handset.
    Frequently asked questions
    Does EscapeNet charge any connection or installation fees?
    No, EscapeNet does not charge any activation or setup fees and standard NBN Co installations are completed at no cost to you.
    Does nbn™ charge any connection or installation fees?
    A small number of homes may be subject to an NBN Co Non-Standard Installation or a NBN Co New Development Charge of $300. If your new address is subject to any of these NBN Co charges, we'll let you know before the installation and get your permission before you're charged.
    How fast will my nbn™ connection be?
    We aim to deliver the fastest connection possible for your chosen plan and delivery technology. Actual speeds can vary due to the network or factors outside of our control, for example your home Wi-Fi.
    My new home has previously been connected to the nbnTM
    If your new home has been previously connected to the nbnTM, we'll normally activate your EscapeNet nbnTM service within minutes, yes, that's right, minutes.
    It is the first time my new home is connecting to the nbnTM
    If it's the first time your new home is connecting to the nbn network, we'll arrange the first available appointment with nbn™ for a field technician. Typically, new nbnTM connections are completed within 5-20 business days. This varies depending on your nbnTM connection type as well as the availability of the nbn™ technicians in your area.

    We will let you know if you need an appointment after we have submited your order to nbn™.
    What do most nbnTM customers do for a phone service?
    EscapeNet recommends our Home Phone add-on, or choose an EscapeNet 4G mobile sim plan. Both nbn Home Phone and 4G sim plans feature multiple plans for every budget.
    Can I use my existing modem?
    Yes, depending on the features of your modem and the technology type of your nbn™ service. To get the most of your EscapeNet service, it might be time to upgrade with Wi-Fi network speeds, coverage and stability improving all the time.
    Who can I contact for help and support?
    Our friendly helpdesk is available seven days a week through telephone on 1300 135 235, email at and Facebook messenger.