So you can phone home.

Great call rates and you keep your phone number when you join.

Homephone is bundled with EscapeNet internet plans.



    Keep your landline number.

    You dont have to lose your number when you join EscapeNet HomePhone.

    As long as it's still active and connected (don't cancel it), we can transfer the number over without any fuss.

    HomePhone is a digital voice service and requires an EscapeNet internet connection, a compatible router and telephone handset.
    Frequently asked questions
    Does EscapeNet charge any connection or installation fees?
    No, EscapeNet does not charge any activation or setup fees for the Homephone service. Number port-in is typically free for single household numbers, our team will advise if port in fees may apply to you.
    What is the Homephone service?
    Homephone is a digital voice service delivered over EscapeNet internet, otherwise known as Voice over IP. This technology has replaced the legacy copper phone service we used before the nbn.
    What do I need to use Homephone?
    Homephone plans are only available when bundled with a compatible EscapeNet internet plan. You will need a compatible router (VoIP) and telephone handset. Often you can use your existing telephone, reach out to our team for specific advice.
    Why do I have to bundle it with internet?
    Homephone is a digital voice service and we want to make sure you get the best voice clarity possible. Our Homephone service works best over an EscapeNet internet connection.
    Can I use my existing modem?
    Yes, depending on the features of your modem and the technology type of your nbn™ service. To get the most of your EscapeNet service, it might be time to upgrade with Wi-Fi network speeds, coverage and stability improving all the time.
    Who can I contact for help and support?
    Our friendly helpdesk is available seven days a week through telephone on 1300 135 235, email at support@esc.net.au and Facebook messenger.

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