You bring the phone.
We've got the sim.


You bring the phone.
We've got the sim.

  • Add an EscapeNet 4G talk and data sim plan
  • to your home internet service and unlock
  • extra value.
  • Add an EscapeNet 4G talk and data sim plan
  • to your home internet service and unlock
  • extra value.

4G SIM Plans.
Talk, Text and Data.

Escapenet 4G Mobile sim plans are powered by Australia's best mobile network.

  • Great Coverage

    With great coverage around Australia, Escapenet 4G is available in and out of the city.

  • Stay Connected

    Stream shows to your tablet, keep in touch with family or take care of business, from the beach!

  • Talk, Text and Data.

    We're making mobile plans easy with great value talk, text and data bundles.

  • Awesome Support™

    Enjoy an amazing customer experience from Australian based tech experts.

  • International Roaming

    Heading overseas? Add an internation roaming pack and stay in touch.

  • Bring Your Phone

    The ultimate in flexibility, our sim cards can work in your current smartphone.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions? Don't worry, our internet experts have the answers.

What is the Escapenet 4G coverage area?
The EscapeNet mobile sims plans give you 3G & 4G talk, text and data on the Telstra Mobile Network.
How do I sign up?
It's fast and easy with our Online Sign Up or call to us on 1300 135 235.
We'll get you online as fast as possible.
What does my plan include?
Your sim plan includes unlimited standard calls and texts plus the data allowance of your chosen plan for 30 days. All for use in Australia.
Who can I call for help?
Our experienced team will personally assist with your 4g data plan and modem selection. Call us on 1300 135 235.
Is there an extended lock in period?
There's no lock in. Escapenet plans are flexible so you're free to upgrade and downgrade at any time or even stop your service after the first month.
Can I use my existing phone?
Yes, depending on the capability of your existing device. Escapenet sim cards are trio-cut to standard, micro and nano sizes. It's important your phone is not locked to only operate on an individual provider.
Can I bring (port in) my existing phone number?
Yes, you sure can! You'll be able to keep your same number and transfer it to an EscapeNet mobile plan. We'll keep your number safe against unauthorised ports, by asking you to complete our pre-porting security checks.
Is my phone number safe?
If you believe your number has been transferred without your permission immediately contact the Australian Federal Police on 02 5126 0000 or contact your local state Police.

Other services to assist include and Please also contact our Helpdesk for prompt assistance.

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