Gig City Adelaide
connecting South Australian innovators.

Gig City Adelaide
connecting South Australian innovators.

  • Australia's first GigCity network connecting entrepreneurs
  • with affordable hyper-fast Gigabit Internet.
  • Australia's first GigCity network connecting entrepreneurs
  • with affordable hyper-fast Gigabit Internet.

Make Better Connections

with South Australia's own GigCity Network.

Built and operated by Escapenet, with user data access speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second and gigabit internet, GigCity Adelaide provides an ultra-fast and low-cost fibre optic network to help South Australian businesses develop leading-edge ideas, create new opportunities and access global markets.

The GigCity network is available across innovation precincts and co-working spaces in Adelaide city, the greater metropolitan area, and regional South Australia, creating a growing number of hyper-connected GigCity communities.

Making the net work
for you.

  • EscapeNet Official ISP Partner

    Through a collaboration between Escapenet, SABRENet and the South Australian Government.

  • Gigabit Internet

    Gigabit internet for Micro Business starting at $49.90/m with no lock-in terms.

  • Real Time Control

    Build your Software Defined Network in real time from the GigCity web portal.

  • Move Big Data

    Move data between multiple on-net precincts and datacentres at 10Gbps and beyond.

  • Cloud Connect

    Create private links (EVC) to key cloud platforms including AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.

  • Expert Support

    Call on the Escapenet Business team for support or specialist consultation and advice.


Cloud Connected
// 10 gig ethernet virtual circuits

  • We're revolutionising the way businesses connect, enabling start-ups and businesses to leverage new opportunities made possible with ultra-fast internet and cloud-based services.
  • The GigCity Adelaide network is connected with key data centres and platforms including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud.
  • Using the software defined networking (SDN) capabilities of the GigCity network portal you'll be able to construct, in real time, private ethernet virtual circuits (EVC's) to on-net locations and inter-capital resources.
  • EVC's can be used to transport unlimited data across the network with prices starting at $50/m for 100Mbps up to $200/m at 10Gbps, when bundled with an internet service.

Talk to our GigCity Team on 1800 GIGCITY

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Real World Outcomes

of Australia's first GigCity network.

" a Gigabit a second our large data transfers take minutes rather than days. This delivers a huge time saving, translating to a significant increase in productivity for the team."

- CEO and Managing Director Michelle Fraser RHS

" addition, as we develop our Big Data management strategy we will be able to manage and develop our technologies unrestrained."

- Jason Taylor SAGE Automation