Improve Communications
With Cloud Powered Easy PBX.

Improve Communications
With Cloud Powered Easy PBX.

  • Voice Over IP solutions for small and medium business.
  • Voice Over IP solutions for small and medium business.

EscapeNet Easy PBX is Office Phones Made Easy.

Setting up your new office telephone system is easy and hassle free. Simply mix and match your desired quantities of our Cordless, Office and Executive phones. Each phone handset comes with a phone line and includes standard local, national and mobile calls.

Features To #CommunicateBetter.

image Cloud Reliability
image Music & Messages On Hold
image Custom Call Groups
image Automatic Night Switch
image Follow Me Call Forwarding
image Call Hold, Park & Transfer
image Paging & Group Intercom
image Company Directory
image Voicemail To Email
image Add 1300 & 1800 Numbers

EasyPBX Plans Include:

image A High Quality IP Handset
image Calls to Fixed Lines in Aus
image Calls to Mobiles in Aus
image Dedicated Account Contact

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions? Don't worry, our internet experts have the answers.

What's Included In My EasyPBX Handset Plan?
Your plan includes an IP Handset rental, one line per handset, standard calls to fixed lines and mobiles in Australia, the standard EasyPBX feature set, ongoing support and updates; with a minium committment term of 24 months.
Can I use my existing phones?
Yes! Our EasyPBX BYOD plans are designed for this exactly. Features and functionality will depend on the capability of your devices.
Can I bring (port in) my existing phone number?
Yes, you sure can! You'll be able to keep your same number and transfer it to an EasyPBX plan.
How do the phones connect?
We recommend using a Power over Ethernet network switch to provide both internet access and power over a single network cable. There is the option of using a 240v power pack together with a standard network switch.
How many phone lines do I get?
Every EasyPBX handset or BYOD plan comes with one digital telephone line. If you have 4 handsets you will have the ability to have 4 concurrent calls.
What type of internet access is required?
High quality, fast internet access will give you the best voice experience. We recommend an EscapeNet Small Business NBN connection along with business grade gateway devices to ensure Quality of Service in communications.


  • NBN Ready

    EscapeNet Easy PBX is a 100% NBN ready IP voice solution.

  • PBX Features

    Including call hold, park, transfer; voicemail to email and much more.

  • Built for Business

    In-house engineering ensures performance, security and reliability.

  • Scalable

    Start off with a single handset then grow as the business needs.

  • Budget Friendly

    With standard local, national and mobile calls included.

  • Managed Solution

    Changes, upgrades and support are included in your plan cost.

Real World Outcomes

of Australia's first GigCity network.

" a Gigabit a second our large data transfers take minutes rather than days. This delivers a huge time saving, translating to a significant increase in productivity for the team."

- CEO and Managing Director Michelle Fraser RHS

" addition, as we develop our Big Data management strategy we will be able to manage and develop our technologies unrestrained."

- Jason Taylor SAGE Automation