EscapeNet Gigabit Internet,
Lightspeed Connectivity.

EscapeNet Gigabit Internet,
Lightspeed Connectivity.

  • Available in Business Districts and Metropolitan areas around Australia.
  • Available in Business Districts and Metropolitan areas around Australia.

1000 Megabit per second,
the new benchmark.

Hyperconnect your business with gigabit internet. Ultra-fast connectivity can revolutionise your business processes, helping your team develop leading-edge ideas, create new opportunities and access global economies.

Gigabit services are delivered using high performance optics to a growing number locations in Australian capital city business districs and metropolitan areas.

Built for High Performance

  • Symmetrical Gigabit

    Gigabit up and down speeds, where available, for high speed access to cloud platforms.

  • Business Focus

    Access to a dedicated business team member focussed on delivering a pro-active customer engagement.

  • Service Level Guarantees

    High performance and low contention ensures high performance access.

  • Advanced Features

    Including Unlimited Internet, BGP routing, IPWAN, subnets & diverse fibre path resiliency.

  • Multi-Use Capable

    Simultaneously operate voice, data, video and cloud through a single gigabit connection.

  • 24 Hour Support

    The Escapenet Business Support team is on standby for specialist support and consultation.

Is Gigabit Fibre Available To Your Business?

EscapeNet Gigabit Fibre plans are available at many locations throughout Australian business districts and metro areas.


Real World Outcomes

of Australia's first GigCity network.

" a Gigabit a second our large data transfers take minutes rather than days. This delivers a huge time saving, translating to a significant increase in productivity for the team."

- CEO and Managing Director Michelle Fraser RHS

" addition, as we develop our Big Data management strategy we will be able to manage and develop our technologies unrestrained."

- Jason Taylor SAGE Automation