ADSL Internet

Do you have questions? Don't worry, our internet experts have the answers.

How fast is EscapeNet ADSL2+?
ADSL2+ technology delivers up to 24Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. Actual speeds can vary due to the network or factors outside of our control, for example your home Wi-Fi.
How do I sign up?
It's fast and easy with our Online Sign Up or you can call to us on 1300 135 235. We'll get you online as quick as we can.
What about the nbnTM rollout?
You'll be able to migrate to the nbnTM network when it becomes available. Most EscapeNet Wi-Fi routers are nbnTM capable, depending on the delivery method used to connect your home.
Can I keep my phone number?
Absolutely. If you have an active telephone service with another provider we can seamlessly bring the phone number over to EscapeNet.
Do I have to bundle?
No, you can choose to seperate your phone and internet providers.
Do I have to convert my telephone line to EscapeNet?
As part of the bundling process, it is a requirement that your telephony, including Long Distance, Local and pre-selection are migrated (and remain so) to EscapeNet.
Can I keep my phone number?
Yes, In general there is no requirement to change your telephone number when you purchase our bundled ADSL2+ and telephone plan.
What happens to my existing telephone service?
Your telephone service, including Local call, Long distance & preselection will be ported to EscapeNet as part of the broadband and telephone bundle. You need to be sure that this does not affect any existing contracts you may have.
Can I relocate my ADSL2+ service?
As long as we have an active ADSL2+ exchange and your line will support ADSL2+, we can relocate you between your old and new house. A relocation is treated as a cancellation of existing services and the provisioning of new ones at the new location; as such fees may apply depending on your contract status.
What downtime should I expect during a transfer?
The downtime should be minimal when your service gets migrated. Generally a half day appointment is booked for your activation, and you will experience about 20-30 minutes of downtime during this time. This means that neither your telephone nor internet will work for this brief period.
Will my international phone card work with your service?
Most pre-paid calling cards should be fine for use with our ADSL2+ Bundled broadband and telephony services.
What is the CSG?
CSG means Customer Service Guarantee. It is a Federal Government consumer protection law, which is aimed at providing protection for residential and small business consumers. Specifically it relates to performance surrounding:
  • Service connection times.
  • Addition of enhanced call features.
  • Fault rectification.
  • Meeting appointments.

  • Should the relevant standards be breached for each of these conditions, then damages are automatically payable to the consumer. CSG does not apply in all situations nor does it apply for all services. If damages apply in relation to CSG, they will be applied automatically.
    Why do I need to waive the CSG?
    You are not forced to waive CSG, however if you do not, you will not be eligible for the special offers that we make available, such as free installation. When we talk about waiving CSG, we are specifically referring to waiving the installation related CSG.