Australia Broadband brand Transition to our parent brand EscapeNet

Why are you making this change?

The time has come to transition our Australia Broadband brand to our parent brand EscapeNet. It will allow us to simplify operations and offer new and consistent services across our customer base.

You will soon gain access to features and technologies currently available to EscapeNet customers.

Who is EscapeNet?

EscapeNet Pty Ltd is the legal entity that has been providing your services to date.

We are a South Australian company that has been providing leading edge communications across Australia for almost 30 years.

EscapeNet is a licenced carrier, connecting homes, business and government organisations.

As a full service telco, EscapeNet offers a comprehensive range of access technologies including NBN, Opticomm, mobile phones, mobile broadband, fibre optic services and more.

What will happen with my service?

The transition to our EscapeNet brand will not disrupt the infrastructure or technology that you rely on. Your services will not be impacted, plan prices will remain unchanged and no additional action is required.

You may rest assured that there will be no downtime to your services during this transition.

How do I manage my account with EscapeNet?
You can manage your account online through the myaccount portal at The portal is identical and contains all the same features you are accustom to.
Will the hours of operations change?
Our extended support hours will remain in place, 9am to 12am EST on weekdays and 9am to 6pm EST on weekends and Public Holidays.
Are there any changes to my billing ?

There is no change to your monthly plan fee, billing cycle or Account ID.

Your BPAY biller code will soon change and we’ll advise you about this. For now please continue to use the same biller code that you’ve previously used (stated on your tax invoice).

The only change you should expect is that your credit card or bank statement will now reflect "EscapeNet" instead of "Aust.Broadband".

Who should I call for sales, service & support?
Your support and helpdesk team remain available on 1300 023 354; and via email on
Would you like more information?
Should you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on 1300 023 354; or through email to