Auto Pay

Making billing easy.

What is Autopay?
Autopay is a service where all your invoices will be automatically debited through either your nominated bank account, debit or credit card.

What are the advantages of Autopay?

  • Automatic account payment
  • Avoid late fees
  • Avoid billing related service interuption
  • No manual account keeping fees or overdue fees.
  • Why is my account still showing an outstanding invoice?
    It may be in the process of being debited, or there could be a problem with the payment, either insufficient funds or incorrect billing details. If you wish to enquire about your invoices it would be best to contact us or alternatively you can send an e-mail to
    Are my payment details secure?
    Yes! We use SSL encryption to protect the transmission of your payment information at all times. Also your payment details are stored, in an encrypted format, on a secure server with restricted access.
    How do I set up Autopay?
    Manage your payment method online at MyAccount.
    When will I get billed by Autopay?
    In general, within 6 days of your anniversary date each month, the day your service rolls over each month.