What fees do you charge?

We try to minimise the fees that we charge you, however there may be occasions where fees are incurred. Please see the fee structure below for more information.

Credit and debit card payment fees:

Credit card or debit card payments made online through Escapenet webpage

Card type   Surcharge
Visa   0%
Mastercard   0%
American Express   0%
What will appear on my credit card or bank account statement?

Payments will appear on your credit card or bank account statement as from Escapenet.

Fee Description   Cost
Non-Auto Pay Payment Method   $4.95 per month
Account Dishonour Fee   $15.00
Multiple Payment Fee (1st)   $4.95
Multiple Payment Fee (each subsequent)   $1.95
Chargeback   $30.00
1st Late Fee   $12.50
2nd Late Fee   $50.00
Debt Recovery   20%