Naked ADSL

Do you have questions? Don't worry, our internet experts have the answers.

How fast will my internet connection be?
Naked ADSL2+ technology delivers up to 24Mbps download and 1Mbps upload. Actual speeds can vary due to the network or factors outside of our control, for example your home Wi-Fi.
How do I sign up?
It's fast and easy with our Online Sign Up or call to us on 1300 135 235. We'll get you online as fast as possible.
Do I need a phone line?
Yes, Naked ADSL2+ does require a copper phone line into your home however you won't need an active phone service or incur associated phone line rental costs.
What is Naked ADSL2+?
Naked ADSL is a connection method over the traditional copper telephone network, however unlike Bundle plans, it doesn't require you to have an active phone service. You will not be able to make calls using the naked phone line, it's for internet data only.
What if I already have a home phone internet bundle?
We can convert your bundle into a Naked DSL service. If you are in contract cancellation fees will apply, otherwise no charge is applicable.
Do I need an active phone line to apply?
No, you can provision Naked ADSL without an existing phone service. If you do not have an active service, you will need to call us to perform a service qualification on your address.
Can I add a phone line later?
Yes, you can convert your phone to a Home Phone Internet Bundle or use our Voice over IP phone service.
Can I use my existing modem?
Yes, depending on the features of your modem but it's a good time to upgrade with Wi-Fi speeds, coverage and stability improving all the time. Wi-Fi Upgrades .