Opticomm Fibre Estates

Do you have questions? Don't worry, our internet experts have the answers.

How fast will my internet connection be?
We aim to deliver the fastest connection possible for your chosen plan. Actual speeds can vary due to the network or factors outside of our control, for example your home Wi-Fi.
How do I connect to the OptiComm network?
EscapeNet will provide the internet connection over the OptiComm fibre network. It's fast and easy with our Online Sign Up or call to us on 1300 135 235. We'll get you online as fast as possible, often the same day!
What happens with my phone line?
Phone line rental is included with every EscapeNet OptiComm service. You can transfer your existing phone number to work with your EscapeNet services.
What is an OptiComm Fibre Estate?
An Opticomm Fibre Estate is a residential area where homes are connected by OptiComms own high quality, private, fibre-to-the-home network (often preceding, or built instead of the nbn network).