Internet Service Speed Shaping

What is shaping?
Shaping refers to an applied decrease in speed of your internet connection. We do this when you have exceeded the download allocation of your plan. You can purchase data blocks to remove the speed decrease or upgrade to Unlimited plans if available for your service.
When does shaping occur?
If your plan has shaping, shaping will be applied to your service automatically when you exceed your monthly data allocation. This may take up to 1 hour to take effect. You can remove shaping by purchasing additional quota allocations.
I have just rolled over, why are my speeds still slow?
Just as the initial application of shaping on your account can take up to 1 hour, the removal of shaping can take the same amount of time. Generally however, you would expect to have shaping removed by 1am on your anniversary. If you've waited longer than 1 hour, try turning your router off for 35 minutes or calling us.
How I do purchase more data?
The helpdesk can assist with additional data or a plan upgrade on 1300 135 235.
Which plans have shaping?
Shaping is applied on home internet plans that have a monthly data allowance, you can find the details on the plan page. Unlimited plans do not have speed shaping.
What speed is my service shaped to?
Applicable home internet plans will be shaped to 256kbps for all data.