What do I do if I can't pay?

We understand the importance of staying connected. Our Financial Hardship policy covers unforeseen circumstances that may impact our customers’ ability to meet their current financial commitments.

I’ve been suspended, how do I get back online?
If you make a full payment after your account has been suspended, your Escapenet service will be unrestricted. This normally happens within 2-3 working hours of us receiving your payment, but may take longer if you have an ADSL service and how paid us. To make a payment, Login to MyAccount Online to make a one-off payment.
What happens if we don’t hear from you?
If payment is still not received or we haven’t heard from you within 20 days of your payment date, your EscapeNet service(s) will be disconnected.
My service(s) has been disconnected, how do I get back online?
If you want to re-join EscapeNet after your nbn service is disconnected due to non-payment, simply call 1300 135 235 and we’ll get you reconnected. You’ll need to pay a re-connection fee of $25, plus any outstanding overdue amounts and we can normally get you back online within a few hours depending on on the time of day you contact us and our work-load.