EscapeNet Premium Usenet News service

Usenet is a worldwide system of discussion groups in which millions of people participate. There are tens of thousands of different Usenet groups that anyone on the internet may participate in.

EscapeNet is pleased to offer complimentary addition of the premium services of Astraweb for our Usenet news facility. If customers are currently subscribing to other news services, they can now use our news server and save $10-$40 per month.

This newsfeed will be a vast improvement over the service that we had been providing for customers in the past. Access to our news service counts towards your monthly quota.

Usenet Features

  • Free access to EscapeNet's Usenet.
  • Anonymity - No logs are kept, Anonymous Group Requests, Anonymous Posting
  • Uncensored News - No Discussions are Censored
  • Completion - High number of peers. 99%+ completion
  • Speed - Multiple Links to High Quality Providers
  • Connections - 20 Simultaneous Connections
  • Retention - Long retention, always increasing. Click for latest retention
  • Posting Propagation - Well connected peers ensure excellent propagation of posts
  • US & EU Farms - Serverfarms in the US and EU

EscapeNet's UseNet

You can connect to our usenet via