Common Service Settings.

Here you'll find our most common settings needed for configuring your EscapeNet internet, mail or other services.

NBN Authentication IPoE / Dynamic / Automatic IP
ADSL Authentication
ADSL Authentication PPPoA VX Mux (preferred) or PPPoE LLC
VPI 8 / VCI 35

Dial-Up Internet It is your responsibility to ensure your modem is dialling the correct number for you area
Access Number (National) 0198 333 494

DNS Servers

Email Settings
Protocol POP3 or IMAP
Incoming Mail Server
Outgoing Mail
Default Ports Incoming POP 110 or IMAP 143
Outgoing SMTP 25
Additional Options Secure Incoming POP 995 or Secure IMAP 993
Secure Outgoing SSL Port 465 or TLS Port 587

NTP/SNTP Settings,

VoIP Settings
Protocol SIP
Proxy / Regstrar Server