NBN Connection Speeds

How We Help
You Stay Connected

  • It's more than just internet, so we've included
  • free expert support for many of our services.
  • It's more than just internet so we've
  • included free expert support for many of our services.

We'll help with
NBN Access Technologies

  • We'll help you understand how you connect to the NBN network, the underlying technology used to deliver your internet service and how to troubleshoot connectivity.
  • We assist with:
  • » Understanding your NBN connection technology
  • » Identifing the status lights on your NBN termination unit
  • » Connecting your router to the NBN NTU
  • » Troubleshooting your NBN connection

We'll help with
Home & Small Office WiFi Networks

  • A WiFi hub plays a big part in keeping you online and your devices connected.
  • Our support of home and small office networking includes:
  • » Understanding the capabilities of your WiFi router
  • » Tuning your WiFi & expanding coverage to improve performance
  • » Assisting to connect PC's & SmartHome appliances
  • » Troubleshooting your internet connectivity

We'll help with
EscapeNet Email

  • EscapeNet services include a free @esc.net.au email address for personal and business use.
  • We'll help you:
  • » Configure your computers email application
  • » Block spam and safe stay from phishing attacks
  • » Use anywhere access to our browser based Webmail app

We'll help with
Internet Security

  • It's important to keep your home, business and private information secure when accessing the internet.
  • Our internet security advise includes:
  • » Learning about secure websites (the padlock icon)
  • » Protecting yourself from Phishing attacks
  • » Using Anti-Virus Software & Firewalls
  • » Family Safe WiFi Routers with parental controls

We help you understand How You Use Internet Data.

Here you'll find a list of activities and the typical amount of data each one uses. This will help you decide which plan is right for you. The following examples are based on typical file sizes.

One email (no attachment)
20 KB
One email with picture
300 KB
One Hour Web Surfing
15 GB
One photo upload to socials
5 MB
One hour HD Audio Stream
150 MB
One Song Download
4 MB
One Hour SD Video Stream
700 MB
One Hour HD Video Stream
3 GB
One Hour of UHD Video Stream
7 GB
One Hour Online Gaming
12 GB

How To Check Your Speed.

  • There are many things can impact your internet performance, if you're experiencing slower than expected speeds, please let us know. We’re here to help get you back on track.
  • If you would like to report slower than expected speed, simply follow the steps below:
  • 1: Run a speed test at www.speedtest.net
  • 2: Once complete, click on the Share > ‘Copy Link‘ (chain link icon) button to copy your speed test URL result;
  • 3: Open an email and paste your speed test URL result into your email;
  • 4: Send your speed test results to: support@esc.net.au
  • A team member will review your speed results and help you get the most out of your service on the nbn.

We're Here To Help

If you're still a little confused on which plan or service is right for you, drop us a line below. We'll get right back to you with more handy information.