Work From Home Assistance

The EscapeNet team are ready and available to assist in your Work from Home arrangements. In this email you will find key services that can assist your business continuity. For prompt assistance please reach out on 1300 135 235.

Remote Desktop & Port Forwarding.

Access office computers from home as though you were in the office. Windows PCs have built in remote desktop support and we can assist in setup and basic training. Port forwarding may be required to allow your home computers' remote desktop request to reach your work PC.
Alternatively, we can assist with software remote desktop applications, like Anydesk or Teamviewer, which uses smart cloud networking to establish a connection.

Virtual Private

A Virtual Private Network allows you to securely connect to resources at the office; including servers, network attached storage (NAS), printers and other network devices. Different to Remote Desktop, a VPN does not require a PC in the office to access the network resources. Your connection from home to office resources is direct (over the VPN); for example, to mapped network drives.

Home NBN
& 4G Internet.

Working from home is easiest when you have a reliable, high speed internet connection. Some NBN services can be activated or upgraded in as little as 24 hours. Where NBN isn't available and high speed access is required, EscapeNet has 4G Mobile Broadband plans starting at $25. Our team can assist in upgrading your current home network.

Cloud EasyPBX
& IP Telephones.

Our cloud hosted EasyPBX business phone system can help you stay connected to both customers and your team, featuring popular PBX features and global accessibility. Desktop phone or softphone, your team can communicate, route and handle calls as if they were in the office. If you currently have EasyPBX handsets we can assist with using them at home. EasyPBX plans start at $24.95 per month with unlimited local, national and mobiles calls.