nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet
High performance internet.

nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet
High performance internet.

  • Enterprise performance, small business affordability.
  • Enterprise performance, small business affordability.
"For us to handle the challenges of international collaboration [in the digital arts industry] - fast, reliable internet is a must."

Faster Speeds

Improve your connection to the cloud with Enterprise Ethernet synchronous download and upload speeds. Plans start at 100/100 Mbps going up to almost 1000/1000 Mbps.

Advanced Features

EscapeNet EE is connectivity your way. Connect with Layer 2 private IP or Layer 3 internet; suporting BGP, IP-WAN and SD-WAN environments.

Business Priority

Enterprise plans come with priority technical support, onboarding assistance, a 24/7/365 critical assistance hotline and a dedicated customer account manager.

Multi Use Capable

Flexable and scalable. A single Enterprise Ethernet fibre service is capable of simulataneously connecting voice, data, private cloud and internet services.

Uptime Guarantee

Built to perform, Enterprise Ethernet plans feature a 99.95% service level agreement; backed by 12, 8 and 4 hour single service fault restoration target options.

Cyber Resillience

Maintain critical business operations, maximise team productivity and minimise the risk of interuption with enterprise grade connectivity.
Read how a business just like yours is leading its digital transformation and enhancing cyber resilience with EscapeNet nbn Enterprise Ethernet.
See how ABC, a growing business, uses high performance nbn Enterprise Ethernet to improve productivity, enhance cyber security and build better business resilience.
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nbn Enterprise Ethernet

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$0 – Free Fibre Build
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All speeds quoted are theoretical maximum speeds that the service can deliver. The actual speed experienced is dependent on several factors including, but not limited to, your line, the technical capabilities of your router, local area network and computer or access device, the source of the content and the method used to transfer it, local and international transit capacity and number of users. Terms & Conditions Apply
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Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions? Don't worry, our internet experts have the answers.

Where is EscapeNet Enterprise Ethernet available?
Our service is available to businesses across Australia that are inside the nbn's fibre optic footprint. Typically there is no fibre build cost to connect your building, however sometimes a customer contribution is required. Our sales team can provide more detailed information.
Do I qualify for the $0 fibre activation?
Many locations across Australia qualify for a $0 fibre upgrade. You can use our Instant Quote tool on this page to check if your site address qualifies for the free upgrade.
What do I need to connect?
An Enterprise Ethernet plan comes with a NBNco network termination device (an NTD), this is typically rack mounted requiring you to provide 1 RU of cabinet space and 1 power outlet. If you don't have a comms cabinet, a wall mount NTD can be requested. You'll also need a router or firewall to act as the gateway between the internet and your local business network. You can select one of our recommended units or you're welcome to bring your own device.
Can I talk to someone about our needs?
Absolutely, we'd love to talk about your specific requirements for a service. Our expert sales and pre-sales engineers can design a solution that is tailored to your performance and cyber-security needs. Contact us on 1300 135 235 and ask for Business Sales.
What's the difference between Low and High COS?
Data travelling through the nbn network is classified into two categories, Low and High. Data on a Low COS plan is delivered on a best effort basis, which is typically suitable for most business uses. Data on a High COS plan is given dedicated priority on the nbn network, making it the right service for latency sensitive comms such as voice, telemetry, database or streaming.
What is the Enhanced SLA about?
The eSLA (for short) is an enhanced service level agreement that a single service outage will try to be repaired inside the eSLA window. All our Enterprise Ethernet plans come standard with a 12 hour fault restoration objective, and you have the option to reduce the window to 8 or 4 hours. This helps with business continuity planning and gives you the fastest possible service restoration.